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Unicorn Potion Kit | Magic Potions for Kids

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What magical potions will the little ones in your life create with our new Unicorn potion kit? Add the Sparkle Spritz to either magic fizzy powder to produce bubbles and fun! Please note your choice of color for the mixing bowl: Lavendar or turquoise

This potions kit includes:
1 magic fizzy Unicorn Kisses
1 magic fizzy Magic Dust
1 bottle Sparkle Spritz
1 wooden spoon
1 plastic pipette
1 plastic test tube of unicorn themed sprinkles
1 unbreakable plastic bowl in lavendar or turquoise

Also included will be potion recipe cards, but kids can also mix them up however they would like!

Materials are non-toxic and include: Sodium bicarbonate, food-grade powdered citric acid, mica powder, ecoglitter, and corn syrup.
Due to the small nature of included items, this kit is not recommended for children under the age of 4 years old. Adult supervision is strongly recommended. 

Please allow 1 business day for production. Shipping will be as selected during checkout. If you need express shipping, please message the shop.
Economy shipping is included!

Materials are washable but could potentially temporarily color the skin. It is not recommended to play potions on a porous surface. Best practice is to protect your potion area. 
While the ingredients are non-toxic, these potions are not intended to be ingested.